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Channeling and my blog

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

For months I have struggled with writing my blog posts. I felt as if I didn't have a grasp on what content I should post or what themes would be beneficial for readers. Each day I added "BLOG" to my to-do list and hoped that I could cross it off. I would sit down to write and find something else to do instead. A few weeks ago my spirit guides stepped in. It felt as if they were rolling their eyes at me saying, Jeez, when will you listen? They of course were a tad more gentle than that.

I have been channeling messages from spirit for years. With pen to paper, a river of ink flows onto my pages with the ease of water moving around rocks in a stream. I don't have to think. I just have to allow the pen to move. It helps me relax. It helps me step out of my body for a moment and clear my mind. However, I never thought to share the messages or use them in my writing. That's where the Jeez, when will you listen moment came in.

I sat on my couch, laptop on my coffee table, trying to type a blog post when one of my guides asked me, When are you going to post the messages we have been giving you? I responded with a questioning look and furrowed eyebrows, What do you mean? What messages? His disbelief was audible, The ones that we channel through you ALL THE TIME! I had no clue they wanted me to share those. I was completely oblivious to the fact that they may be messages that others would want to hear as well. So, there I was, flabbergasted that I had been sitting on years of content while I struggled to find content to post. I am still in a bit of shock that it didn't occur to me that they were giving me the assistance I was asking for but I am glad they finally set me straight!

The next few weeks I will be uploading some of the messages that have come through from spirit and I am going to attempt to post weekly! If there are topics that you would like to hear about please message me and I will add it to my lineup. In the meantime, enjoy the next few weeks!

This is an image from my art journal. After I channel a message from my guides I often use one impactful sentence or phrase from the channeled message to create an image. The letters from that phrase are all found in the image.

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