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Pray for Me

"I'll pray for you!", she said adamantly, eyes judging me as she flitted away. I've heard that statement many times, I've seen those judging eyes and the words, "God doesn't want you to..." combined with "You're going to hell" have haunted my dreams since childhood. I am not sure why those words sting so badly but I imagine it is because I have always wanted to be accepted for who I am, not what people think I believe.

The most recent bundle of prayers and judgement has come about because of my book, A Life Lived Medium: A Psychic's Journey from Fearful to Almost Fearless. Some people don't look passed the word psychic and, in my experience, most that respond this way don't actually know what it means to be a psychic. They falsely assume that I worship the devil, dance naked around a fire or do seances around a Ouija board to summon the dead. For the psychics I know, these are laughable and egregious assumptions.

In my psychic world, I live a semi-normal life. I respect the energy around me, the people around me and have a healthy relationship with Source/God/The Diving Creator/The Universe. I pray more than a lot of people I know, I talk to Jesus and the angels almost daily and I do my best to help others. My psychic gifts merely give me the opportunity to ask spirit for guidance and allow me to be a conduit for healing and divine knowledge.

I wrote my book, in part, so that I could step through my fears about judgement and the worry that I was being labeled a bad person. I forgot that releasing it to the world would likely put me in the line of fire from a whole new group of people. As I sit here today thinking about this, I realized that I am not alone and the "I will pray for you" adage has likely touched the lives of many groups of people not just psychics.

So, I would like to call everyone to action and take the human judgement out of the statement. I would like to make a request for anyone that wants to pray for me (or anyone else). Please do pray for me, just pray a prayer that allows God/Source/The Universe/The Divine Creator to be our character judge not you. Rather than praying for me to change who I am or stop using my gifts, please pray that I am successful in the mission God placed me on this earth to do or that I am successful using the gifts that God gave me. Those prayers allows us to be equal. Those prayers allow us to love unconditionally. Those prayers support the divine nature of our being.

Because I love you, "I will pray for you." #PleasePrayforMe #ALLM #AlmostFearless #ALifeLivedMedium #RephraseYourPrayers

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