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The Beauty Within Us (Guided message from spirit)

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

As with all of my channeled content, my guides are speaking to me with the intention of connecting with others who are sharing in similar struggles or experiences as I am. Read their words with an open mind and know that as you are reading, you are also receiving the love of spirit and a nudge to assist you in remembering who you truly are.

Those who wish to access the realms of non-physical must give themselves permission to do so. Your human mind, the "reality" consciousness that you have invented, has prevented you from allowing information and communication from non-physical to enter into the state of being at the level at which you currently reside.

No one being was created with any more or any less ability or "gifts", as this one calls them. You all possess the same abilities, however, your previously planned consciousness ascension determines the level of gifts more readily accessible for this incarnations needs.

You are stepping into a new time of ascension and these current parameters are no longer applied as they used to be. The order of availability has more to do with your conscious choice than your need or desire for such abilities. We ask of you, What holds you back from truly allowing your internal beauty to flow through? Do you not see that your talents and your gifts to the world are an expression of love, gratitude, connectedness to source and the divine condition of the world?

By expressing your beauty for all to see, by allowing your gifts to shine, you are giving the world your biggest gift- divine love through energetic expression, through conscious action.

We ask you to consider this, what would your experience on this human plane be if you fully allowed your beauty to show? How would this existence affect change in the world, in the lives of others or in your own life?

Each day my guides challenge me to allow my gifts to shine through. Each day they ask me to take one step that feels uncomfortable and exciting at the same time. When we allow the discomfort to unfold in front of us we often find immense growth and fulfillment on the other side. We also find that we have touched the lives of others by living our lives fully and embracing our own beauty; inside and out.

Prompt: Create a list of beautiful gifts that you have to share with this world. Remember, your gift to this world is often the thing that brings you joy as well. Don't be shy with the list, write down everything you can think of. When you can't think of anything else, ask a friend to share what they think your gifts are.

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