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The Consciousness Revolution (Channeled Message)

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

When you open the dictionary in my mind you will find a definition next to My Spirit Guides that reads, "Eloquently blunt". They do not mince words with me when they know that I need a slap upside the auric field. However, they also know that I need them to deliver their messages with some sort of graceful contortion-ism so that I can accept the truth without being angry. I compare their way of delivering messages to me to the way a small child makes parents laugh and hide at the same time when the most inappropriately truthful words bubble from their mouths to complete strangers in the store. In those moments it is nearly impossible to be mad. I think my guides are cunning little 4 year old children, plotting and crafting the next embarrassing truth they will utter to me in public. Me, I am just the silly girl that is going to repeat it to you all!

You intend to institute change that others may see yet you continue to seek outside of yourself. Change, conscious change, comes from within and is projected to the outer world. All that exists outside of you is a reflection of the internal environment that you nurture each day, each minute and every second of your existence.

The existential existence of humans relies on the conscious thoughts and subconscious creations that each of you hold. This being is a prime example. Her internal thoughts have created fear for so long that the largest transmission that she now projects is an attempt to recondition her human mind to accept all-that-is as a neutral thought process around fear. She is recondition her way of thinking from the thought that she has to step through fear, to the thought that fear is non-existent in the presence of love. Fear is a human construct brought about by decades of forgetting the power that humans contain. Fear was created as a warning of potential trauma to the physical body, the fear-based egoic mind has extended its presence to many unintended situations. Humans have become stuck in a fear-based belief system that stunts their ascension and creates a cyclical pattern of dependence on outside circumstances for validation of self worth. This reliance on outside circumstances diminishes the human ability to see the truth about yourself and the power you hold. Consciousness is connection. Consciousness is oneness.

When you start to see that each person outside of your human body is a reflection of the internal work you are doing, a revolution starts. You begin to become conscious again. You begin to ascend at a "faster" rate. Though speed and time are also human constructs we use the term faster to allow you to understand more fully. It allows you to perceive your progression on a scale that the human mind can ascertain.

We ask of you, what human emotion or "reality" have you constructed that has kept you in a pattern of stagnant consciousness?

Nothing like being called out by your guides about fear. For me this message addressed one of my main dysfunctional belief patterns- fear. However, the full message is about any thought pattern that we are creating within our experience and the neutral behavior of the universe around us. We are trained to believe there is right and wrong, good and bad, etc. The truth is that everything just IS. It is just a perspective that we hold about our circumstances and our own patterning. We believe that something is wrong because it is our experience telling us that it is wrong. If you ask someone else, their experience may say that it is beautiful or correct.

I have seen my patterns around fear morph and change in the last few years as I have started to realize that fear is not necessarily something I have to walk through. It is something that I have to walk with; side by side. My fear is part of my creation in this incarnation. It is something to accept as part of me so I can heal and grow with it. All aspects of ourselves are a projection of where we are in one moment of our life and once we are conscious of that, we can begin to integrate them back into our lives and become whole again.

Prompt: In what area(s) of your life are you projecting your inner reality? Where are you ignoring the images that are mirroring your internal experience back to you? Are you ignoring them because you were unaware? Because you don't know how to start accepting those pieces of yourself or for other reasons?

Take some time over the next week to truly look at the behaviors in people around you and the external circumstances you find yourself in. Create a list of these items and start to look at what messages this may be showing you.

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